Containers & Kubernetes

Our proven containers and Kubernetes solutions help you achieve higher levels of application availability, security, scalability, performance, and agility.

Containers and Kubernetes can help you better manage your applications, so you can get the most out of your investment in technology.
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Interrogate application, and business needs

Collected data will be used to interrogate the current application, and understand the current business needs. These will include an assessment of containerization within the application itself, assessing the current capacity of hardware hosted in production, and future direction for scaling both hardware and software Kubernetes capabilities.

Load your application into containers

Containers allow you to package and deploy your web application quickly anywhere. A container is a portable model that packages up all the resources that your applications needs to run: code, runtime, system tools and libraries, system packages and so on.
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Provision your containers infrastructure

Whether you are creating a greenfield cluster or migrating from an existing one. We'll eliminate the guesswork and work with you to plan your infrastructure. Provision your infrastructure for Kubernetes on your favorite clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Our provisioning solution conforms to the standards established by Kubernetes, Docker, and Openshift.

Ship your containers to the world

Deploy your containerized applications to Kubernetes in seconds. Easesol ensures that your containers are running exactly where you want them to be. Automated deployment and management system for containers to enable GitOps and enforce CI/CD processes.
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Observe and Monitor

Whether you're deploying new applications based on microservices or optimizing existing ones, observing and monitoring the end-to-end journey of your application is key to taking action proactively by fix any performance leaks. With observe and monitor you are able to proactively mitigate performance issues in microservice-based, cloud-native applications. observe allows you to monitor metrics in an application deployed to Kubernetes.

Our Process

Assess the Requirements and Needs
Build the Infrastructure or Application
Ship to the World
Observe the Application and Infrastructure
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Hire Us

Want to ensure your application is running smoothly and always available? Let us work for you to monitor performance and availability.